Lakehead University’s Open Access Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Journal

What is The Post?

The Post: Lakehead University’s Undergraduate Research Journal is an interdisciplinary, open access, research journal that is both for and by the students of Lakehead. There are two primary goals of this publication. The first goal of The Post is to give every student an equal opportunity to submit their research/ideas/essays/writing to a peer-reviewed panel for potential publication. The emphasis will be put on encouraging students to pursue their academic and extracurricular research in partnership with Digging Deeper: Lakehead University’s Student Research Club;  however, articles that originated as in-course academic assignments will be accepted as submissions as well. The second goal of The Post is to encourage cross-disciplinary discussion and topic comprehension. Too often in university, students find themselves unable to learn about topics that interest them outside of their chosen major. Not only will The Post open up the boundaries between topics for discussion but it will also allow students to learn new information from other subjects in an accessible way.

If you’re an LU student,  and you’re interested in joining, please check out our club in the LUSU clubs directory.
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view from Chancellor Patterson Library window, Dec 2015

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