A note to our readership ~ our first issue!

A note to our readership, on the occasion of the publication of The Post [|] Lakehead University’s Peer-Reviewed Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Journal.

The whole reason we do this is so that the observations we have made and the conclusions we draw from having made them can be shared. Please let everyone know if a particular article spoke to you, and especially please let us know if you have cited one of our articles in an academic paper. We are working on attaching DOI to every article so that citation is easy and quick.

Thanks to everyone who submitted articles for consideration in the review process for this and our forthcoming issue.

Thanks to everyone involved in Digging Deeper, Lakehead University’s Student Research Club. Our club provides the foundation for the publication of this scholarly journal.

We’d like to thank Taylor Price for taking the time to write his excellent piece “Practice and Encouragement for New Scholars” regarding Open Access Publishing and in support of our little endeavour.

Thanks to all of the editors involved in the production of Issue 1: Cameo Ferguson, Nichole Kinzel, Jennifer Pranger, Emmet Smith, Kira White, Wesley Wiema and Nikkilas Wilson. Thanks as well to everyone who is a reviewer/editor working on our next issue: Tyson Bouchard, Austin Burr, Taylor Covino, Cameo Ferguson, Connor Mantey, Nicole Kinzel, Jennifer Pranger, Emmet Smith, Kira White, and Nikklas Wilson. If you are a Lakehead University undergraduate student and want to be involved in the production of this journal, please email us at, or talk to someone who you know is involved.

Super thanks to Kiera Flint, for having a great eye and for providing the wonderful pic of Lakehead’s Thunder Bay Campus. It’s great to be able to have an image of our backyard as a part of our visual identity. As well, a nod of thanks to Bronson Carver for great ideas and his contribution to preliminary work on our logo graphic.

Thanks to Moira Davidson, Lakehead University Chancellor Paterson Library Services, Justin Michel, Lakehead University Web Development Services, and to extra thanks Jason Zou, Lakehead University Chancellor Paterson Library Services.

Thank you Dr Scott Pound, Eminence Grise and Lakehead University Faculty Liaison.

Most of all we’d like to thank our writers and our readership. The writers, without whom there would be no content (and therefore no publication) are: Maeghan Chassé, Taylor Covino, Cameo Ferguson, Zachariah J. Henderson, Teaghan Koster, Valeria Panina, and Katrina Perrier. The readership is, of course, you. Thanks for taking the time to read, and thanks for supporting undergraduate research at LU

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